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Villa Krastev reklama


Bulgaria, 8230 Nessebar

str. "Pliska" 1



    +359 554 4 44 87

    +359 89 8 530 774

    +359 88 8 668 140



    +359 554 7 04 84


Ancient Messembria,called in the early Middle Ages Messemvria, later Nessebar - is established more than three thousand years ago by the ancient Thracians. They gave the name Melsambria which on their language means the town of Melsa – the legendary inventor of the settlement.


At the end of VI centry before Christ in this settlement arrived the first Greek colonist. Going through the centuries through Roman, Byzantine and Bulgarian possession, Nessebar is a town rich economical, cultural and spiritual life, keeping lively trade relationships with towns on the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.



Todey Nessebar combines in itself in unique way the past, the present and the future. Included in the Word Cultural Inheriance list because of its great number of well preserved monuments from different eras, the old town of Nessebar gives excellent opportunities for cultural tourism, and the unique nature of the region and the modern tourist camp in the town and the closely situated resort Sunny Beach, make Nessebar preffered place for a holiday and for entertainment for tourists from all over the world.


Villa „Krastev” is situated in the central part of the new part of the town Nessebar, 200 meters from the north and 400 meters from the south coast of the town. Close to the villa there is a big protected car park, a post office, a bus stop, a taxi car park, cafes, restaurants and shops.



Built in the year 2006, the building is in a modern architectural style and offers comfortable conditions for a holiday and in 9 double rooms, 1 studio and 1 apartment. All the rooms have own terraces with a bay view, air conditioners, satellite TV, mini-bar and internet access.



The good location of villa „Krastev”, the cosy furnishing and the excellent service are the guarantee for a pleasant stay during your holiday or your business trip.